Sunday, March 21, 2010

Check out my Etsy store at and follow my updates with RSS feed This is my hobby but I would love for it to become more than just that. Check out my newest obsession with Minnie Mouse pillowcase dresses.

I came across several of these dresses and couldn't resist trying it myself. My mom is my sewing tutor so she gave me some pointers. I had trouble sewing on the minnie mouse head even though I pinned it to the fabric. It kept bunching on me. So my solution for this on my next project will be IRON ON APPLIQUE head :) LOL! Why didn't I think of this first????? Here's a Minnie Mouse head shot:

I want to make some dresses with Hot pink background and zebra hem but unfortunately on my trip to several store turned up no black and white zebra fabric. So I settle for black fabric with hot pink zebra hem. I know it will turn out cute! I just hat my heart set on the first fabric choice. I will be posting pics soon of the outcome!

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