Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Refashioned Tank Top

My son is in Baseball All-Stars this summer and my husband and I bought t-shirts that match the team colors and logo. But, being the great mom that I am, I forgot to buy my daughter one! So the day before game day, I went to the store and picked up a plain tank top and shorts in the team colors. (I apologize for the poor quality of the pics. I need a new camera)

I think they cost me a total of $4. I tried to get creative and think of ways to make this outfit a little less BORING!! So here's what I came up with.

I bought a roll of yellow/white polka dot ribbon and sewed it around the middle of the tank top. I then took a small piece of ribbon approx 10 inches long and stitched (longest length) along the edge and then pulled one thread to make it gather. After making into a rosette, I sewed on a black button to embellish it and attached to the top.

Then I found some scrap black grosgrain ribbon and folded it and took a small piece of yellow ribbon and folded it over the middle to make a bow. I sewed it to the tank top.

I thought it turned out really cute and my little girl was the talk of game day! She was the cutest cheerleader...even though she did not want to model the outfit for me :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Interview with Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen

There is nothing like the smell of soap, especially if it comes from Rebecca's Soap Deli! With fragrances ranging from Coconut Cream Pie and Nanny's Pumpkin Pie to Virginia Honeysuckle and Raspberry Lemonade, who can resist them?! Mmmm...I'm getting hungry thinking about it! Read on to find out more about the

amazing woman behind these quality soaps!

Shop name: Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen

Tell us a little bit about yourself? I am a young 35 years old with a BA in Fine Art from Roanoke College. I have studied a bit of everything including photography, screen printing, graphic design, pottery, 3-D design, drawing, painting, art history, poetry and even writing. I enjoy reading, shopping and making soap. I have one son, Cody, who is 13 and the best "man" in my life. I am currently readjusting to single parenthood and leaping back into soapmaking after almost a year haitus due to medical reasons.

Is there a story behind your Etsy shop name? Really, the name just popped into my head one day while I was at work at a kiosk at the mall selling fragrances and incense. I was totally hooked on scents that smelled like food so I figured I'd make soap that fit that need. The name followed without any thought. I have since evolved to sell more than just food scents, however, to meet the needs of my customers.

Do you have a “brick and mortar” shop or do you only sell online?

I personally only sell online, though I do offer my soaps in several brick and mortar shops where I wholesale and consign my products. My soaps and lotions are currently available locally in two shops in my hometown of Roanoke, VA as well as in Zanesville, OH.

What is your favorite fragrance of soap and why? Wow. There have been so many. I think for couple of times I try a new scent I come out with a favorite. Right now though I'd have to say that my favorite is the Raspberry and Vanilla. It just smells phenomenal without being overpowering and is just sweet enough to satisfy.

Do you craft full-time or just as a side hobby? And if you do it as a side hobby, what is your full-time job? I used to craft full time, and I am working my way back into full time soapmaking as quickly as I can now that I am able. Soapmaking is currently my only means of support.

Are there certain types of soap-making supplies that you prefer? I like to use premium, phalate free fragrance oils in my soaps when not using essential oils despite that extra expense for the truer, lasting scents. I also prefer to use unrefined shea and cocoa butters in my soaps and I love the properties that olive oil and rice bran oil offer to a good bar of soap.

Do you have plans for expansion? Right now I'd really just like to give the online side of my business a big push so that I can support myself from selling at home. I really don't ever want to grow to the point though where I have to enlist employees and have to take out that personal part of me that I put into each batch of soap I make. If I have to have employees make my soap, there's no point for me in making soap anymore.

Do you have any other websites? My main website is You can find my blog at or fan me on facebook at I am also on twitter at

Anything else you would like us to know? Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen was founded in 2001 and currently sells a line of handmade shea butter soaps and goat milk lotions. My product focus is always on creating the best cold process, handmade soaps. You'll find that many of my handcrafted soaps smell like delicious favorites from the kitchen, and all of my divinely scented soaps contain skin loving ingredients like shea butter, rice bran, coconut, and olive oils. They create a wonderfully, rich lather that you can both shave with or use as a shampoo bar. All of my soaps are made from scratch using the cold process soapmaking method, never a pre-existing base. You'll love the difference my soaps make on your skin. Additionally, I only sustainable palm oil.

Check out her Etsy shop!! Thanks for the great interview Rebecca!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

And the Winner is...

Wow, 92 comments!!! Awesome for my first Giveaway!! I'm excited to announce that the Winner of the $15 Gift Certificate is......

Wehaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!

Wehaf said...

My favorite item is either the Thomas the Train Crayon Roll or the Cotton Beanie Hat Hot Pink and White Polka Dot. If you hat a Thomas The Tank Engine Beanie Hat I'd be all over it!

urchiken at gmail dot.

If you didn't win this time, stay tuned and I will be having more giveaways in the future!! Thanks for all of the great comments and I will work on making more of what you like to see in my store!

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